poem #31

the moon

he was like the moon,
cold and distant - 
but always within reach.
she would watch him
from the bottom of her well.
she often heard laughter
echoing through her chamber.
the stone walls that encircled
glistened with blue light;
small comfort.
she would sometimes sing;
that unsettled him,
shattering his illusions
of a perfect world.
the rope had been cut - 
long ago.
she knew it had been him.
the neglected forest,
wild and overgrown,
kept her a secret - 
never to be found.

poem #4

the well

 look at this hole
 found in the ground.
 so dark and deep
 without a sound.
 beholder beware
 and not fall in.
 nor walk towards it
 nor let it win.
 it will entice you
 you may feel safe,
 but it is deception
 and dark, empty space.