sorry to tell you guys, but i am analogue when it comes to dreaming things up. stationery is weirdly underestimated and yet essential for writers and aspiring writers (i am the latter). different notebooks can bring different levels of inspiration (well i find at least). even changing the colour of my pen has an impact on creativity and the stretch of my imagination. here are just a few examples of my collection to inspire you. i tend to prefer the cheaper kind (although i do not deny splashing out on some really lovely brands like Hobonichi, Stalogy, Moleskin, Smythson et al) but Muji is just as good if not better for some projects. i also like to buy old notebooks from Etsy, eBay and random junk sales that call themselves antique fairs. whatever you end up with, the less precious you are about it, the better! there is nothing worse then sitting in front of an open notebook that you are too afraid to spoil with your messy handwriting and scribbles. let your pen be free! and if you’re really uptight (as i can be), just do as i do – start in the middle and work your way out. less pressure.

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