poem #23

the hierophant

a solitary hermit am i 
in a dark cave i do reside,
whilst they come to me in strides
so i might flatter all their pride
with the wisdom i’ve acquired.

so long ago since i became
a much sort after, humble sage,
who dwells here in his lonely cage
whilst the people send me endless praise
for their spirits that i do raise.

they seek me always for advice
on love, vocation and their life.
they want not truth nor painful strife,
for truth can cut just like a knife,
so i just sing them sweet delights.

“you sir, i see, shall be a king,
and adorn bright golden bejewelled rings.”
to these falsehoods they will so cling
and hang off every word i sing;
oh the happiness my words can bring.

merrily they’ll dance and skip away
without making a second’s delay,
to tell the others of their day
and how the fates have finally swayed
and life’s dept to them shall soon be paid.

oh when will these small humans learn,
life is not responsible for their return
on everything that is not earned
and into my old mind be burned
all the falsehoods that i have churned.

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